How Long Can You Expect A Bed Frame To Last?

How long do bed frames last? You have likely heard the old advice that mattresses last about 10 years. Granted, there are different types of mattresses, just like there are different types of bed frames. When it comes to frames, there are ones made of steel, solid wood, plywood and more. If you’re worried about this, use the #1 Purple mattress coupons company to get the best one on the market right now. How long a frame lasts depends on the material it is made of, and there are certain things you can look out for so that you know when it is time to make a switch.

A good mattress is one thing, but if it’s sagging due to a lack of support, well, then you’re not doing yourself any favors. The frame and box spring, if one is necessary, must adequately support the mattress. And as for signs that a bed frame needs to be replaced, they can vary by type of frame. For example, for wood frames, you would be looking for cracks or splintering, for starters.

And as for steel frames, bent legs are one thing you have to look for. As you might have guessed, some frames can last a lot longer than mattresses. There are wood frames that can last a lifetime. The same could be said for steel frames, too, and it just depends on what you buy.

If you get a frame that requires a box spring, you’re of course not going to be expecting the box spring to last as long as the frame. The box spring and mattress are often replaced at the same time. That is because they need to be replaced about every 10 years. You have to think about dust mites, allergens and of course just wear and tear.

Sometimes you can repair bed frames that have certain issues, and other times the frames just need to be replaced. When purchasing a frame, it’s a good idea to look at the manufacturer’s warranty. You want to know how long a frame is guaranteed to last according to the price you pay.

Ultimately, if you buy a premium frame, you’re looking at it lasting longer than a premium mattress. It could last longer than a few beds. How long have you had your current frame? If it still works just fine for you, then the only reason you would want to get rid of it is if you want to make a decor change in your bedroom. That happens to be why many people switched frames because of the frames themselves often last decades.

My frame is only a couple of months old, and it has a 10-year warranty. That is the same warranty that the mattress has as well. It could be that the frame lasts longer, but only time will tell. If it lasts longer than ten years, it could be that I continue to use it indeed. There are those warning signs you have to look out for, so keep them in mind if you already have your box frame. And if you’re about to buy one, compare prices to warranties and consider materials and manufacturers.

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How to Find and What to Consider When Choosing Best Mattress Loom and the Leaf

Materials and Layers

This luxury bed is comprised of four well-crafted and well-planned layers that are designed to maximize your comfort and stake up to a height of 12 inches. Loom and Leaf truly shine in the careful arrangement of the layering of the different materials. The progressive layering arrangement ensures that it provides the highest level of comfort by providing the right amount of support while maintaining just the right temperature.

Layer One: Organic Covering

The cover is made of GMO-free organically-grown cotton. The material used is naturally flame retardant and breathable.

Layer Two: Cooling Gel


This is an important layer of the Loam and Leaf mattress as it possesses a superior and innovative cooling technology than other memory foam mattresses. Loam and Leaf’s Spinal Zone Gel, constructed with specially-created medical-quality gel, layer provides spinal support as well as regulates temperature.

Layer Three: The Foam

Loom and Leaf carefully deliberated over just the right density of memory foam to include in this mattress. This is because the wrong amount of mattress can make the mattress either too soft or too firm, either of which can ruin spinal health and disturb sleep. Loam and Leaf selected a 5-pound memory foam and made sure of its even distribution by adding another layer of gel below the foam. This is important as not only does it keeps the foam in place, it enhances the cooling system and prevents the retention of heat and the build-up of moisture in the bed.

Layer Four: Support

Loam and Leaf uses a double-layer high-density foam as support. The material used is eco-friendly and supports the cooling mechanism by providing breathable airflow. While some may overlook this layer, it is important as it can determine the durability of your mattress by preventing sagging and dips. Moreover, this is also the layer that supports the weight of the sleeper/s and allows the mattress to maintain its shape.

All four layers of this mattress have been carefully vetted and tested to ensure customer comfort. Every layer, the material used and the thickness has been painstakingly selected, and its effectiveness verified to provide comfortable sleep for a maximum amount of time.


Loam and Leaf is a good option for those looking for a luxurious foam but who do not want to pay the astonishing prices of other high-end brands. Moreover, Loam and Leaf’s company philosophy is one that many customers would find appealing as the company philosophy of providing affordable, quality product with the minimum of hassle aligns perfectly with customer’s interest.

Loam and Leaf is also a good choice for those who are looking for a supportive and comfortable bed for medical reasons but cannot afford the more expensive options. Its multi-layer design is sure to provide ample spinal support and as well as improve blood circulation. Moreover, its state-of-the-art cooling technology has made fans out of many customers. In case of dissatisfied customers, Loom and Leaf offer its customers a 120-day sleep trial period with a 15-year warranty.

How To Rank Your Cupcake Website In Chicago

Getting your website to rank well in the search engines has become more important than ever before. The reason why getting your cupcake website to rank high in Chicago has become so important is that an increasing number of consumers are now using the Internet to find local businesses to be frequent. As a result, if your website is unable to rank well for various related keywords and key phrases, you are less likely to benefit from that increased traffic that ranking within your local market could provide. Below, we will be going over some of the different ways in which you can rank your cupcake website in Chicago.

How To Rank a Cupcake Website:

1. Keywords.

The biggest thing you are going to want to do when it comes to ranking your website for your local market is to focus on the right keywords. You need to perform some research and see what your target market is typing into the search engines to really be able to see what keywords you can rank for and which ones are going to provide you with results. Not only do you need to figure out the keywords being searched for, but you also need to look at the keywords that might be less competitive and easier to rank for. That way, you will be able to achieve quick results for your cupcake business. There are various free and paid tools that you can use to tell which keywords you should be looking to target.

2. Links.

Another good way to increase the chances of your website ranking well within the search engines is by getting strong links to your site. You want both inbound and outbound links pointing to and from your site. That way, the search engines not only know what your blog website is about, but they will also be able to make a determination as to what kind of site you have and what else is relevant to it. This is an excellent way to boost your rankings because getting good quality links pointing to your website will bring your website up a few pegs when it comes to the search engines ranking of it. For instance linking as a term, like Chicago or maybe your website will help the search engines understand what the page is about. Rember that Google wants to see natural backlink profile so keyword stuffing is never a good idea. You can learn more about the right ratio here. As you go there you will find out a great data that backs up what your anchor text should be. It’s always better to be natural.

3. On Page Optimization.


Another major key to getting your website to rank well comes with on page optimization. You need to make sure that all of your images, titles, videos, and everything else on your website are highly optimized. By ensuring that it is as optimized as possible, you should be able to maximize your chances of ranking well within the search engines.

4. Quality Content.


It is also important to continue to produce and share quality content across the board. By sharing quality content with links back to your website on various social media platforms and all around the Internet, you should be able to get more people coming to your website which is going to in turn help to increase your social accounts. Having quality content is key because search engines constantly strive to improve their end users experience. Having poor quality websites rank well in the search engines only results in a poor end user’s experience.

The best way to position yourself to rank as well as possible among the search engines is by investing in a professional SEO company in Chicago. By investing in a search engine optimization firm, you will be able to get local experts that not only know exactly what gets results but with the staff needed to implement the various strategies for the best possible rankings.

Remember that content is always important to what ever you do. Writing can be tricky at times so make sure you don’t stuff your words.

6 Ways a Professional SEO Company Can Help Your Cupcake Business

With the changes in consumer behavior patterns in recent years, getting your website ranked on the search engines is one of the best things that you can do for your business. An increasing number of consumers are utilizing the search engines to find various businesses they can frequent by either looking at proximity, reviews, and more. For this reason, hiring any professionals will always benefit your company. You can have a significant positive effect on your entire cupcake business. Below, we will be going over some of the different ways it can help. As we mentioned in the other posts, you want to always sound natural. Google does like keywords but too many of them will only hurt your reputation and your rankings.

6 Ways a Professional SEO Company Can Help Your Cupcake Business:

1. Increased Exposure.

One of the biggest ways SEO can help your cupcake business is by providing your business with increased exposure. Because a majority of consumers utilize the search engines to find businesses nearby, it is critical to have your business ranking well for related search terms and phrases. As a result, you will be able to generate a lot more exposure by investing in a professional search engine optimization to assist you because they will be able to help you boost your ranking within the marketplace.

2. More Traffic.

In a related note to increased exposure, more prospective customers/clients are going to end up visiting your website. This is because you will be experiencing much more exposure on the search engines which will ultimately lead to increased traffic. As a result of this increased traffic, you will be able to convert more into actual customers for your business successfully.

3. Reduced Marketing Costs.

Because you are going to be marketing with SEO which is primarily organic, you are not going to have to spend money on needless marketing strategies that cannot even be tracked. SEO is not only something that is going to cost less to implement into your business and provide a higher return on investment, but it is also something that can increase the overall effectiveness of all of your other Internet marketing strategies. As a result, you will be able to see significant improvements in your bottom line.

4. Experience.

When it comes to hiring a professional SEO company, you are going to be able to tap into their experience. Being able to tap into an expert on SEO can do wonders for the overall implementation of SEO within your Internet marketing strategy because they will know exactly what works, what doesn’t, and how to compete in your respective market successfully. They will fully understand what kind of keywords will provide you with the most ‘buying traffic’ and which keywords might be a waste of time and energy.

5. Boost Social Media Numbers.

Another huge benefit that you are going to be able to get from making the investment into hiring an SEO company for your cupcake business is the ability to boost social media numbers. Because you are going to get much more exposure for your brand as a whole, you will be able to get more people invested in and following all of your social media accounts which can further increase the chances of being able to market to your audience successfully.

6. Save Time.

You are not only going to be investing in experience, but you will be saving a lot of time by hiring a professional company so do your research before you hire anyone or you go after a term. They have the ability to save you a significant amount of time because SEO is something that requires a lot of time, to begin with. As a result, you will end up being able to spend more time and invest more time in other result producing activities.

As noted above, there are numerous benefits associated with hiring a professional SEO for your own cupcake business.

No One Puts Cupcake Picture In A Corner Of A Website

Running your cupcake business online entails the right image optimization techniques that would enhance and improve the captured audience on your site. Images make your site more vivid and can boost your SEO or search engine optimization efforts. From attracting your customers through their Google images perusal to the reduction of site load speed optimization, your image is critical in building an effective e-commerce cupcake website.

Here are some suggestions and information that you need to take into consideration on your image optimization goals.

  • Image description. Name your images clearly and descriptively. You might be tempted to upload product shots and just keep their default names in your camera. It will never be a good idea, and you must refrain yourself from doing so.

When it comes to your cupcake site’s SEO marketing, use of acceptable keywords is crucial in your web page rank on search engines. Creating descriptive, keyword-enhanced file names for image optimization is imperative. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, not only crawl the text file on your site but also find keywords in your image file names.

  • Optimize your Alt Tags Wisely. Alt tags are the text alternative to your images when your browser cannot adequately provide them. When the images are rendered, you can find the alt tag by hovering your mouse pointer over the picture. Depending on your browser setting, you can readily see the alt tag text created for that image.

This alt attribute adds value to the SEO of your website. Appropriate alt tags to your images uploaded to your site will help achieve a better search engine ranking through keyword + images association. In fact, the use of alt tags may be the best way for your cupcake products to show up in web search and Google image. When it comes to image optimization, the priority is to fill out each alt tag for every cupcake image on your site.

  • Image dimensions and product angles should be strategized well. A common trend now is to show multiple angles of your cupcakes. Of course, the best way to capitalize these extra photos is to fill out their alt tags. Create unique alt tags for each pastry shot. Here are some simple rules to making your alt tags:

1. Use plain English when describing your images, much like what you usually do in naming your picture files.
2. Incorporate the cupcake names in your alt tag.
3. Refrain from using keyword stuff in your alt tags (for example alt=”delicious blueberry cupcake in very affordable prices”).
4. Alt tags for beautiful images need not apply.

  • Reduce image file sizes. It will take about 3 seconds to load a picture on your laptop or desktop while about 5 seconds in your mobile devices. Amazon found that if its web page slows down by even 1 second, about $1 billion annually will be lost. And most importantly, page load time is a factor for Google’s ranking algorithm. If your images “drool” down your screen and will take for more than fifteen seconds to load, well, suffice it to saying goodbye to your potential customers.

A good rule of thumb for your cupcake images is to try to keep your picture size to about 70kb or less.

The suggestions mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There is still some information you need to know to optimize and help your online cupcake business. But even knowing just the necessary facts will contribute substantially to a booming online business for you.