Mr. Mustard in the Lounge with the Whisk.

That is the theme of the night as IRON CUPCAKE 2:MUSTARD took place in the lounge of Fratello’s Waterfront in downtown Milwaukee.
My creation was the Corn Dog Cupcake(above). A sweet corn cake – no, not a muffin – a cake, with chopped jalapeno pepper and all beef hot dog. Once the cupcakes were cooled, I froze them. After freezing over night, I dipped them into a honey-mustard white corn batter and deep-fried those babies.
Chef Jeff presented a mind-bender of a cupcake (above) that was superior in its complexity. I was thoroughly impressed. He created a pretzel layer topped with a chocolate dark beer cake topped with a stone ground mustard and honey topping. Yes, a mouthful both on paper and in your mouth. It was delicious.

Since the original Iron Cupcake:Mustard was supposed to take place last Monday, I had the opportunity to perfect my technique, and also had the advantage of having a slew of tasters in the Taste of Home photo studio. They were a big hit. Like a trip to the county fair plus cake! YUM!

Chef Jeff is a great cupcake playmate. I believe we tagged tonight as a draw - since we were soooo different from one another and both were so yummy.

The next Iron Cupcake is in 2 weeks – IRON CUPCAKE:COCKTAIL is the next challenge. If you have any suggestions or would like to participate, leave an e-mail or comment!


Retro Bakery in Las Vegas said...

Yours looks and sounds AWESOME. What a GREAT idea!!!

How To Eat A Cupcake said...

Hahah I would SO eat one of those hot dog cupcakes!

Scarlett said...

I'm going to try and make the corn-cake dog one. Instead of hotdogs I'm using beer soaked Bratwurst & knockwurst, maybe with some sautéed onions in the mix. I really like the idea of a dirty mustard topping. Oktoberfest-style!