Buy My Crap...I mean Cupcakes!

Ruthie meets the Ruthie Cupcake!
My readers know that my love for those handsome single men is at the top of my priorities; but this weekend it was all about my gays - big gay cupcakes that is. Big Gay Cupcakes on sale at the first annual JUNK IN THE TRUNK sale at M's Bar in Milwaukee. Proceeds for the sale went to the M's AIDS Walk Wisconsin team, and one of my best gals, Ms (Buy My Crap) Ruthie (above), was the hostess. I had to do the cupcakes up right. Gotta sell to your audience, right??
Buy my cakes!
It was a beautiful Saturday, choc full of fun and laughter and lots of people buying other people's "crap". For the sale, I had to come up with some cupcakes to appeal to our special audience. My final creations...

Hot Latin Lover Cupcakes
the Hot Latin Lover (Mexican Hot Chocolate)...

Pride Cupcakes
Coconutty Pride (Rainbow Coconut Cakes with Rainbow Sprinkles)...

Ruthie's 'Like Butta' Cupcakes
and last, but certainly not least, Ruthie's 'Like Butta' Cakes.

Things I have learned about baking to sell.
  • I may be going to hell for proclaiming "CUPCAKES FOR SALE" every time I saw a child with its parents...hey, i knew what would sell.
  • The response from buyers was awesome...which is so gratifying.
  • I should have charged 14$ per cupcake.
  • Otherwise...NO! DON'T DO IT! My apartment kitchen is far too small for such a venture. It was just sooooo much work and such a lonnnnng day of baking.
Come back tomorrow to check out the behind the scenes bits of baking these cupcakes...and video of Ruthie at the sale!


Cakespy said...

Looks like a fun experience overall...though it is a lot of work! (I made cupcakes for an art opening once and there's a DIFFERENCE between baking a batch and baking mass quantities!)

And, i can't resist saying I wish I could "taste the rainbow"!

Chamberlaine Beard said...

these are all so adorable!
How do you get the perfect layering affect in the rainbows cupcakes?
I've tried just layering the diff. colored batters, but they always seem to mix and I end up with mostly purple brown cupcakes.

*Angelia* said...

aww yummyy poopie cupcakes! lol funny idea!! And ooooooooo my gosh love the rainbow cupcakes!!!

Paul in SF said...

Brava!I'm waving a pink pride cupcake in San Francisco and cheering for your blog, product/goodies and cupcake advocacy! Can you see me? Yoo hoo! Love ya and your little cupcakes, too!

You go, girrrrl!

czeltic girl said...

Those look delish! Yum!

Wish I could have made it down M's this weekend to check it all out, but my weekend plans got hijacked. :(

avesta said...

I love the rainbow pride cupcakes! I can't wait to make those for some of my friends! Great idea!!!!

Hillary said...

I love the sunglasses on those cupcakes! How did you make those?

Chewo n That

Baker Brian said...

Wow! That was an amazingly quick reply. I was expecting a reply like a year down the road! Thank You!

I used Wilton gel colours. Maybe it's something they put in their colours. For example I think that their pre-packed fondant tastes really bad and plasticky too.