ICM:Bacon - A Whole Lotta Love!

Did you feel the RUMBLE? It could have been all the Elvis tribute cupcakes shaking their hips or more likely, it was the stampede of Bacon fans at the Harley Davidson Museum's RUMBLE this past Monday night. RUMBLE, our new home upstairs from Motor Restaurant is amazing. Beautiful. Hip. Awesome. I got goosebumps when I walked in. The crowd loved it. It is hard to believe we have gone from the lounge at Fratello's less than two years ago to this!

It was also a night of firsts -- we had more male bakers than ever and we also had our youngest baker, Nadia, who is only 13!

We were graced with the aroma of sizzling bacon thanks to Thomas, Megan and Tammy from Nueske's who fried up an endless supply of salty savory dreamy bacon for anyone and everyone who wanted to try it. Not to mention the tons of awesome prizes that they brought for the raffle - including a whole ham! WHERE ELSE ARE YOU GONNA WIN A HAM except at IronCupcake:Milwaukee!

The Nueske's team picked their fave and awarded it with a massive kit of BBQ tools. The lucky taker was Melissa's Bacon, Berries and Balsamic, Oh My! A delicious sounding creation of strawberry balsamic cupcake topped with strawberry jam and applewood smoked bacon. It was finished off with a cream cheese frosting.

Our entire crowd was sent home with a variety of packets of Bacon Salt complements of JD's BaconSalt.com. The gang at JD's sent two huge boxes of packets of their Bacon Salt's and a Bacon Lover's gift pack that went home with one of our lucky judges! Karen, of Karen Cooks It, as well as our non-profit, the Starfish Foundation was also on-hand to share their story with the crowd.

We also were lucky enough to have not one, but TWO celebrity judges this month. None other than 99.1WMYX's Elizabeth Kay and TMJ4's Diane Pathieu. The both brought their handsome beau's and it is a good thing because these are two of the most naturally beautiful woman in Milwaukee. Wow, such pretty girls! The each awarded station swag and Harley goodies to their favorite picks.

Elizabeth fell for the BLT Cupcake presented by the BLTeam as her favorite presentation. Not hard to believe with such spiffy suits on all three guys! Their cupcake was a savory teardrop tomato cake topped with sweet mayonnaise crisp romaine lettuce and fresh smoked Nueske's bacon.

Elizabeth also chose Erin's Big Bad Cupcakes for her favorite tastin cupcake - a bavarian apple cheesecake with white cake cupcake, topped with vanilla buttercream drizzled in sea salt caramel and garnished with applewood smoked bacon.

Diane was quick to say that she loved Susie's Mock Rumaki Cupcake - a cupcake ball instead of a chicken liver, an almond in place of the water chestnut and bacon playing the roll as itself. It was great to have Susie back after a few months off.

Diane's other pick, for best presentation, was Bridget and Tony's Elvis Cupcake - a banana cake layered with peanut butter frosting and Nueske's bacon.

The popular vote brought back up two winners from our celeb judges. The overall TASTE WINNER also went to Bridget and Tony's Elvis Cupcake.

The overall PRESENTATION WIN went to the BLTeam and their BLT Cupcake!

Above is a slide show of an assortment of images from the event. As always, amazing photography complements of JamesConwayPhotography.com. And if you were there, you know there was also an AWESOME birthday surprise for little 'ol me, which was so big, I will post about it separately tomorrow.

Details about the CURRY challenge will hopefully be released on Monday, but baker registration is currently being accepted.

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Susie said...

It was the best run Iron Cupcake event I had ever been too! I sure hope we get to stay there Sandy!! It was AWESOME!!