Cakespy, Superstar!

Yes, it's true. She scored a book deal...and it is due out later this year. Amazing congrats to our friend Jessie, a.k.a. CAKESPY for this incredible adventure. A little spy told me that I might be seeing a copy of this book before it hits the stores. As soon as I do, you can be sure to read about it here.

From What could be sweeter than a cupcake-stuffed cupcake? Perhaps a piece of birthday cake French toast? Or a Pop-Tarts ice cream sandwich? Maybe a piece of Magic Cookie Bar Pie? Oh the choices, how sweet they are. InCakeSpy Presents Recipes for a Sugar-Filled Life,readers find 60 of "Head Spy" Jessie Oleson's most popular, totally sweet treats, along with stunning photography so you can really appreciate the awesomeness of her desserts. And of course it wouldn't be a CakeSpy book without unicorns, robots, or Cuppie the Cupcake. Jessie's iconic and whimsical illustrations are featured throughout the book. CakeSpy's mission is to seek sweetness (literally) in everyday life, and this little book does just that.

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