August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012

It has been several weeks now since Whitney Houston has passed.

Another icon, gone.

In the days that followed, we have seen a million sweaty pictures of her the night before she died. Hello, she was at a dance party. Lord knows, I would have been a big, hot, sweaty mess just THINKING about dancing; let alone at a pre-Grammy event. Girl was getting her groove on. Sheesh. Through the good and the bad, she still was an amazing talent. We have seen lots of tributes and renditions of her hits bouncing around the internet and such. But...THIS is my favorite, by far. I love the audience reaction when they realize what song it is. Way to rock it, Chris Cornell. Simply awesome.

thank you to Sara Santiago to posting this to FB, otherwise I would have never found it.

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Ava St. James said...

Great rendition! Thanks for sharing :-)