Duran Duran Sails Back to ‘Rio’

The first line of this article makes me feel SO FREAKING OLD. But it's a great story none the less...
Exactly 30 years ago, Duran Duran, dressed in fluorescent suits, perched themselves at the bow of a fabulously elegant ketch named Eilean to make the music video for “Rio.” That video remains iconic, but its 70-foot star spent much of the past three decades in a sad state of disrepair — even sinking briefly, and then becoming fodder for termites. It took the chief executive of the fine watch company Panerai to restore the Eilean to its ’80s-pop glory. And late last month, the boat was finally reunited with the Duran Duran members Simon Le Bon, Nick Rhodes and Roger Taylor during the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta, a gentlemanly racing event that brings together classic yachts from around the world. To read the entire article visit the New York Times website.

 Duran Duran Rio circa 1982

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heather said...

30 years ago??? Are you kidding me??????????