Get the TRUCK Out! NO!

Well Milwaukee, you have done it again. Take something totally awesome. Something that thrives in other cities and you poop on its awesome. According to WISN12:
Milwaukee officials banned food trucks from an area downtown because their popularity has been causing safety issues, according to the Department of Public Works.
A handful of food trucks have been congregating on Cathedral Square for lunch each Friday, but safety concerns brought up by Milwaukee police prompted the ban.
DPW officials said a pilot permit program will allow Milwaukee food trucks a permanent spot adjacent to Red Arrow Park.
The Food Truck Cookbook author John Edge said he has told many cities that they should look at Madison, Wis., as an example of how to deal with the growing industry.
"They wanted to build a United Nations of food, with the idea that food is a portal to culture," he said.
Fast Foodie owner Jackie Valentlucca said food trucks are very different than any brick and mortar restaurant.
"It's apples and oranges, quite honestly," Valentlucca said.
I feel that Food Trucks are just another way for America's small business owners to get their start. More than safety issues, I personally feel that the brick and mortar establishments are the real reason this has been banned. They are jealous of the business that a truck generates. But in reality, if I want to grab a quick bite, I am going to go to a truck, grab it and run. I wouldn't have wanted a sit down lunch. In that situation, I don't have the time to kill. Anyway...I am friends with Scott Baitinger, the owner of STREETZA PIZZA and he posted this to their Facebook page this morning...
We love the idea of moving to Red Arrow Park. Food Truck Friday has become a part of Milwaukee's vibrant downtown landscape, and the fact that it is moving a couple of blocks may give even more people the chance to come and experience all of Milwaukee's mobile food options.

We celebrated our 3rd anniversary yesterday - in those three years, we've served many customers and developed friendships with them. Thank you to everyone for that.

We've gotten more publicity for the city and Milwaukee's food culture than any brick and mortar restaurant - Last we counted, there have been over 700 articles written about us and the city. When Bloomberg Business Week named us the best food truck in the U.S. last year, there were hundreds of media outlets that shared not only our information, but told the world what a great place to live / work / and eat Milwaukee is.

It is short sighted to say that food trucks are a threat to public safety, or even a real threat to traditional brick and mortar restaurants. One of the things that we do very well, is bring people to areas they traditionally don't spend time in. Thousands of people came to Cathedral Square last year when we gathered there for the first time in years. And guess what... many of them returned on Thursdays for Jazz in the Park, Wednesdays for dinner and Friday nights for martinis.

We're looking forward to seeing some new faces and catching up with all of our friends from the Cathedral Square area again this year.

The good news is that if you have to walk 3 extra blocks to get to us, you'll burn off the extra calories if you choose to grab dessert from us too.

:) Love

Streetza Pizza

For the record, Streetza has been a loooong time supporter of IronCupcake and I am now working with Scott in my day-job at Verlo. But, I feel that his letter sums up the situation and I would hate to see Milwaukee make another mistake as creativity is just beginning to blossom. With or without wheels, the strongest businesses will survive.