I'm Sorry, You've Been Chopped...

Ted Allen was in Milwaukee last night. If you don't think he is kind of a big deal, check again. It was a super fun time at Next Chapter Books listening to stories from his days at Chicago and Esquire magazines, Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Top Chef, Iron Chef and, of course, Chopped! Oh yeah, don't forget, he just won a couple of James Beard Awards. Also his birthday - today! Stories from behind the scenes of all of his shows, the magazine days, what might be next, life with his long time partner and a dash of politics for good measure.
It was a great time. I made him a Milwaukee Mystery Box, it seemed only fitting. Inside was Rehorst Vodka, Alterra Coffee, Rishi Tea, Indulgence Chocolate, Balzano Salami, Santori Cheese, Milwaukee Pickles and Penzey's Spices - oh, and an IronCupcake t-shirt and buttons - of course.
Another signing with no photo posing (i hate this trend) but at least I found the photo that my mom took of us in 2007 on a jump drive just a week ago. Photo above is from his Facebook page (can you see my head?). Photo in the middle is from my camera and photo below is from 2007 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.