Cupcake MirrorBall

Come on now, we all watch Dancing With The Stars, and who doesn't secretly want to win that Mirror Ball trophy. Well, this could be your chance - and for something we all love. CUPCAKES! The Wisconsin Baker's Association is looking for the ULTIMATE CUPCAKE WARRIOR
CHAMPION as a part of the ART OF PASTRY event at the Wisconsin Restaurant Association trade show in March.

I know, I haven't posted in a long time. Frankly, I haven't been sure what my roll in the blogging world is now that Milwaukee's IronCupcake has wrapped up. BUT...for one sweet day I get to revisit my title as the Milwaukee Cupcake Queen as I will be one of the judges of this sugary competition.

Still not tempted? Can you say DONALD DRIVER? Yes, DD will be giving the keynote address the morning of the competition. Hubba hubba. Registration is open until 3/1 and is open to professional bakers in the state of Wisconsin. For all the legal details visit the Wisconsin Baker's Association website. The little sparkly treat below could be yours!

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