No One Puts Cupcake Picture In A Corner Of A Website

Running your cupcake business online entails the right image optimization techniques that would enhance and improve the captured audience on your site. Images make your site more vivid and can boost your SEO or search engine optimization efforts. From attracting your customers through their Google images perusal to the reduction of site load speed optimization, your image is critical in building an effective e-commerce cupcake website.

Here are some suggestions and information that you need to take into consideration on your image optimization goals.

  • Image description. Name your images clearly and descriptively. You might be tempted to upload product shots and just keep their default names in your camera. It will never be a good idea, and you must refrain yourself from doing so.

When it comes to your cupcake site’s SEO marketing, use of acceptable keywords is crucial in your web page rank on search engines. Creating descriptive, keyword-enhanced file names for image optimization is imperative. Search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, not only crawl the text file on your site but also find keywords in your image file names.

  • Optimize your Alt Tags Wisely. Alt tags are the text alternative to your images when your browser cannot adequately provide them. When the images are rendered, you can find the alt tag by hovering your mouse pointer over the picture. Depending on your browser setting, you can readily see the alt tag text created for that image.

This alt attribute adds value to the SEO of your website. Appropriate alt tags to your images uploaded to your site will help achieve a better search engine ranking through keyword + images association. In fact, the use of alt tags may be the best way for your cupcake products to show up in web search and Google image. When it comes to image optimization, the priority is to fill out each alt tag for every cupcake image on your site.

  • Image dimensions and product angles should be strategized well. A common trend now is to show multiple angles of your cupcakes. Of course, the best way to capitalize these extra photos is to fill out their alt tags. Create unique alt tags for each pastry shot. Here are some simple rules to making your alt tags:

1. Use plain English when describing your images, much like what you usually do in naming your picture files.
2. Incorporate the cupcake names in your alt tag.
3. Refrain from using keyword stuff in your alt tags (for example alt=”delicious blueberry cupcake in very affordable prices”).
4. Alt tags for beautiful images need not apply.

  • Reduce image file sizes. It will take about 3 seconds to load a picture on your laptop or desktop while about 5 seconds in your mobile devices. Amazon found that if its web page slows down by even 1 second, about $1 billion annually will be lost. And most importantly, page load time is a factor for Google’s ranking algorithm. If your images “drool” down your screen and will take for more than fifteen seconds to load, well, suffice it to saying goodbye to your potential customers.

A good rule of thumb for your cupcake images is to try to keep your picture size to about 70kb or less.

The suggestions mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There is still some information you need to know to optimize and help your online cupcake business. But even knowing just the necessary facts will contribute substantially to a booming online business for you.