How long do bed frames last? You have likely heard the old advice that mattresses last about 10 years. Granted, there are different types of mattresses, just like there are different types of bed frames. When it comes to frames, there are ones made of steel, solid wood, plywood and more. If you’re worried about this, use the #1 Purple mattress coupons company to get the best one on the market right now. How long a frame lasts depends on the material it is made of, and there are certain things you can look out for so that you know when it is time to make a switch.

A good mattress is one thing, but if it’s sagging due to a lack of support, well, then you’re not doing yourself any favors. The frame and box spring, if one is necessary, must adequately support the mattress. And as for signs that a bed frame needs to be replaced, they can vary by type of frame. For example, for wood frames, you would be looking for cracks or splintering, for starters.

And as for steel frames, bent legs are one thing you have to look for. As you might have guessed, some frames can last a lot longer than mattresses. There are wood frames that can last a lifetime. The same could be said for steel frames, too, and it just depends on what you buy.

If you get a frame that requires a box spring, you’re of course not going to be expecting the box spring to last as long as the frame. The box spring and mattress are often replaced at the same time. That is because they need to be replaced about every 10 years. You have to think about dust mites, allergens and of course just wear and tear.

Sometimes you can repair bed frames that have certain issues, and other times the frames just need to be replaced. When purchasing a frame, it’s a good idea to look at the manufacturer’s warranty. You want to know how long a frame is guaranteed to last according to the price you pay.

Ultimately, if you buy a premium frame, you’re looking at it lasting longer than a premium mattress. It could last longer than a few beds. How long have you had your current frame? If it still works just fine for you, then the only reason you would want to get rid of it is if you want to make a decor change in your bedroom. That happens to be why many people switched frames because of the frames themselves often last decades.

My frame is only a couple of months old, and it has a 10-year warranty. That is the same warranty that the mattress has as well. It could be that the frame lasts longer, but only time will tell. If it lasts longer than ten years, it could be that I continue to use it indeed. There are those warning signs you have to look out for, so keep them in mind if you already have your box frame. And if you’re about to buy one, compare prices to warranties and consider materials and manufacturers.

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