Another year in a row, you can’t gather to edit the movie from a few holiday seasons? Perhaps you are scared off by the time that you need to spend to master the video editing program. We give a helping hand to all users for whom support for movie editing tools is still black magic. The audience will surely appreciate our contribution, but they will never learn that it took us no more than a dozen or so minutes to assemble the video. Why? Because you will use one of the best movie editing programs, which we present in the list below.


It is a program on which a lot of Hollywood movies were mounted, such as “Wolf from Wall Street”. It is an advanced tool for comprehensive film processing. It is available in the free version and the first one has all the most important functions. The fact that professionals work in it means one thing – it is not the easiest program to use. You will need to spend some time learning how to use it.

The software supports most popular movie formats, and the necessary codecs are installed with it. However, as a disadvantage, users point out that only movies in 720p resolution can be saved to disk, while projects in higher resolution can be exported directly to YouTube or Vimeo.

editing video clips

Adobe Premiere Elements 2019

Compared to its previous versions, the latest Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 welcomes its users with a modern user interface with a wide range of editing options for both film and sound. The range of tools built into the program is really impressive and will certainly meet the expectations of every enthusiast of working on video files. For less experienced users or runners, for whom every second counts, Adobe producers have prepared a dozen or so suggestions of themes and templates, to which you only need to upload files to enjoy the movie with amazing animations and effects, tailored to the occasion. We will prepare automatically generated slide shows up to 10 minutes before guests arrive. Impossible? And yet! The user interface that supports the “drag and drop” function, as well as the built-in Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence, thanks to which we will carry out automatic video editing, will certainly be a facilitation. Step by step through the process of editing the video along with the addition of a soundtrack will lead us a detailed tutorial


Shotcut is based on an open license, and its advantage is undoubtedly simplicity. The program has a simple and clear interface and supports all popular video formats. It also has a lot of plugins and additional options that make it possible to take care of the visual layer of the film in addition to editing.

The program is constantly updated, and the Internet will find a lot of plugins that give many additional functions. The program uses graphics card support, ensuring smooth installation and quick rendering of finished materials. Because of the simple interface, you won’t need much time to master the program at a decent level.



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