A person who has lost a passport document or one of the passport documents has been destroyed, is obligatorily notified of the passport organ that issued the document or the passport authority competent for the place of stay of that person. 

If a person renewing their own passport document has been reported as lost, it is mandatory to assign it locally to the passport authority. The obligation to return a passport document resulting from whether a person already has a new document issued in a lost place or whether a new document has not been issued.

When to renew passport

  • when the limit period expires,
  • the reported loss or destruction must be reported,
  • when a lost passport is returned to the office,
  • at the time of losing citizenship,
  • with all changes of personal data (surname, first name or names, date and place of birth, gender),
  • when it will be annulled.

First you need to submit an application at the passport point. The list of passport points is available on the offices’ websites.

Filling out the DS Р82 form 

The first two pages of the application using applicants in the United States. The form should be printed on separate sheets.

Required documents:

  • Last American Passport
  • Valid ID card. If your passport is out of date, it could be:
  • Valid passport of a country other than the USA
  • Valid driving license with photo
  • ID card
  • A valid ID issued by US state or federal organizations
  • A valid identity document issued by US military organizations
  • Original marriage certificate or court order confirming surname changes if the surname has been changed since the last passport was issued.
renewing passport

According to the application for passport, you can pick up at any passport point in the country, and abroad at the consul, without restrictions to the place of residence. You must be of legal age to apply for a passport yourself.

Together with the passport application (Form DS-11 Application for a US passport) the following should be used:

  • color photo – how to make an ID card and a valid ID – not older than 6 months, photo dimensions up to 35 mm (width) x 45 mm (height)
  • proof of payment
  • friendly passport (if we already have one) or ID card (if we don’t have a passport)
  • a short or complete copy of the marriage certificate – needed when the surname is changed after getting married abroad

The passport application should be included in the passport procedure. Online applications may not be accepted.

Passport application submit

Passport application can be submitted by a person who wants to receive this document. For incapacitated persons, a passport application may include a legal guardian, but the incapacitated person must be present.

The passport application must be submitted in person because fingerprints are used when taking the passport. It is allowed to apply the application of one of the parents or legal guardians – if:

  • the other parent or guardian will agree and confirm this in writing. Must be confirmed by a notary public, consul or passport office official,
  • has a court decision in which there is information that the other parent has no right to decide on issuing a passport for the child,
  • has a family court decision in which the courts grant permission to issue a child’s passport,
  • the child’s father is unknown
  • one of the parents is dead.


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